Shaun King exposes Ferguson PD lie about distance from SUV

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This needs to be brought to attention IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

I don’t even understand what they’re expecting anymore. if they can lie to us to our face and us KNOW the truth, what power do we have , then?

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once upon a time, in Japan…. *white characters*

this takes place in Africa… *white characters*

our story starts in the Middle East… *white characters*

Long ago in Europe… *white characters* “for historical accuracy”

Long ago in obvious alternate version of Europe or European influence…*white characters*…for ‘historical accuracy’.

Long ago in a place influenced by Asia or Africa but still *white characters*

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Meet Clyde…

I don’t know what I was expecting

I do not know why I’m laughing so hard

Clyde is aggresive

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  • fetuses do not think
  • they do not “scream out” when they are aborted
  • they have no brain function and no nerve endings until long after the deadline for a legal abortion
  • they aren’t “sad” when you abort them
  • they do not “realize what is happening”

And these aren’t my beliefs, they’re scientific facts

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self hate 

Zara Louise Davis 

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UPDATE: Activist Shaun King proves #Ferguson PD lied when they claimed #MikeBrown was 35ft from Darren Wilson’s SUV at time he was killed. Distance was over 100ft, which is consistent with eyewitness statements. Distance matters in determining whether Darren Wilson used justifiable force. See Shaun King’s full report at storify.com/verywhiteguy/shaunking-exposes-ferguson-pd-lie-about-distance-f #policethepolice #policebrutality #handsup #dontshoot

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Family Of The Year - Hero

It’s Okay; That’s Love (괜찮아, 사랑이야) OST 

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Calm Waters, 1910, Vladimir Nikolaevich Fedorovich

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When Japanese actors play as white characters tumblr doesn’t bat an eye.

But when white actors play as characters from another race tumblr loses its mind and accuses them of “whitewashing”.


Uh, yeah. Because one is giving representation to marginalized groups and the other is taking away what little they have. 

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When Utah residents saw 22-year-old Darrien Hunt carrying a toy sword, they called police who shot and killed him. But when 22-year-old Joseph Kelley carried an assault rifle to a JC Penney store in Utah, he walked out without a scratch on his body. They were both the same age. Both in the same state. But only one was considered “suspicious.” And you still believe America is color blind?

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Anonymous asked: can you elaborate pls?


What is there to elaborate. Posts that use Asia only to refer to East Asia exclude the rest of Asia to the point where it is dangerously assumed that nothing happens to other Asian women. Asia is not just East Asia. “Asian” girls aren’t just stereotyped as submissive and school-uniform wearing infantilized girls; other “Asian” women are viewed as incubators, spicy nubile whores, virgins, hypersexualized and dehumanized. When you start referring to East Asia as the only Asia, mindfully or not, you omit other realities, a massive fucking lot of historiography and struggles. It also shows you’ve internalized the fetishizing of East Asia by thinking of Asia in only terms of Japan, China, etc. It’s embarrassing.

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Ximena Cristi
Bouquet à  la Fenêtre, 1920

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